Self Development

Self Development

Leadership is not something you are just born with!  Learning the ability to work more effectively with and through your colleagues is probably the greatest step you can take towards making your career more successful and satisfying. If you now wish to learn about an approach that can help you bring method, consistency and fairness to leadership behaviour, you have come to the right place.

One of the people who had used our approach to leadership self-development said “It made me reflect about why I sometimes find it difficult to delegate certain types of task.  During the course of using the Coach on the Desktop I had a bit of a “Eureka” moment.”

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There are two types of approach to starting your self development journey. 

  1. Completing a Leadership Judgement Indicator will give you a clear picture of your current leadership strengths and weaknesses and help you identify your own development needs.
  2. The Personal Leadership Development Programme is a self-development programme, which will improve your ability to lead and influence others, giving you:
    • Greater understanding about how to engage with colleagues.
    • Enhanced ability to get the best out of a team.
    • Improved ability to focus time and effort on the most important issues.
    • Increased confidence as a leader.