Personal Leadership Development Programme

Personal Leadership Development ProgrammePersonal Leadership Development Programme (PLDP)

The Personal Leadership Development Programme is a unique approach to self-development which will help you to develop your leadership skills and learn how to get the best out of yourself and your colleagues.

Using the PLDP, you will develop the insight and skills to:

  • Work out the best approach to working with your colleagues
  • Have the time to focus on the most important issues that you are facing
  • Grow in confidence as a leader

Who would benefit from the PLDP?

Anyone seeking to improve their ability to lead and influence others.  It is a particular benefit to people at key stages of change, notably:

  • First experience of managing people.
  • Moving to more senior levels, managing larger teams or “leading managers”.
  • Leading project teams.
  • Leading virtual, international or trans-organisational teams.
  • Managing and leading in different cultures.
  • Becoming a director.

To find out how you can use the PLDP to develop your own leadership skills, click here.