Leadership Judgement Club

Leadership Judgement ClubVIP membership

This is the most exciting part of our new website.  It will become an online community for people who share our view that good leadership can be developed and can improve the health of organisations. 

Some things we know will be available for club members, including:

  • Free online resources to enhance leadership development
  • Opportunities to share ideas with other people on assessing and developing leadership
  • Feedback from people using our products and resources
  • Updates and new product ideas

Some things will develop from club members’ own ideas.

Membership of the club will be free to purchasers of our products.  It will also be available to like-minded people who share our principles and tenets.  If you are interested in finding out more or  joining  what we hope will be a lively area for exchanging ideas, please provide your email address in the News Signup at the bottom of this page and we will contact you with the details.