ChemoCorp Training Videos


The four videos are set in ChemoCorp, a reasonably large company in the chemicals sector.  The videos depict four versions of an overdue meeting between a new Sales Director, in post for four months, and his Senior Account Manager, Peter Boehme, who oversees major customers in the plastics processing industry. The Sales Director is conscious that Boehme’s motivation, a quality for which he was once renowned, is apparently on the wane. The Director has been prompted to call the meeting because an important global price harmonisation project has landed on his desk. He now wants to enlist Boehme’s active support, not least because of his long experience and knowledge of the industry.The issue is, how should he engage with Peter Boehme?  Should he be Directive, Consultative, Consensual or Delegative? 

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The Directive Style

The Consultative Style

The Consensual Style

The Delegative Style


Each video stars Duncan Duff.  Duncan is Scottish and, with his warm, calm and refined style, has a great feel for characters, as is well illustrated here.  Duncan is originally from Edinburgh and appeared as Lewis Cope in BBC Scotland's RIVER CITY. He also appeared in HAMISH MACBETH and the children's series BIG KIDZ.

*With grateful thanks to Bob Morton and Ciba Specialty Chemicals who originally commissioned this work and have agreed to its general release for leadership training and development.  They found it invaluable for Observer training in assessment centre settings.

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