Personal Leadership Development Programme

Personal Leadership Development Programme (PLDP)

The PLDP is a self-development programme.  It is a cost-effective and powerful way for an individual to develop his or her leadership judgement without the cost involved in one-to-one coaching.  Change agents and learning and development experts, therefore, find it a valuable resource for meeting a number of development needs. 

Some examples of the types of situation where you might find it valuable:

  • Personal leadership development for an individual where it is not practicable to bring a group of people together who have similar shared development needs for a training course
  • Individuals who have leadership development needs where cost, location or organisational constraints make one-to-one coaching impracticable
  • Giving a large number of individuals a common approach to leadership in support of a major culture change initiative
  • Monitoring the way in which leadership culture is developing in an organisation

Click here to see an infographic about ways in which it and the CotD can be integrated with different levels of OD intervention.

To find out how an individual uses the PLDP to develop their own leadership skills, click here.