Learning & Development Materials

ChemoCorp Training Videos

PURPOSE of the video observation

  • To provide leaders with the opportunity of a ‘real life’ example of leadership judgement in action.
  • To gain a measure of consistency between leaders in their understanding of the four styles.
  • To establish some consistency between leaders in their evaluation of the four styles.





Further Learning & Development Materials

Over the years, we have developed a whole range of exciting and flexible interactive leadership training materials that are a proven way of getting people quickly to appreciate the depth and power of the Formula 4 Leadership approach. These can be used in a stand-alone way or to supplement established training packages in your own organisation.

The training materials include the following.  Click on any title to find out more about the materials:

The Party
An enjoyable and effective training activity for establishing the Principles of Formula 4 Leadership.

Scenario-based activities
Sixteen activities for small groups to develop an understanding of the eight leadership styles and the skills required for their successful use.

Training Materials Manual
These training materials go directly to the heart of one of the biggest challenges in leadership development. The majority of leadership theory adopts in some form or another a contingent approach - recognising that the more effective leaders adapt their style to the circumstances and the people concerned. The challenge for the individual who accepts this point then becomes: “I recognise that there is a range of styles that I need to use but HOW do I decide which of these styles I should use in the situation I am now facing?” The training activities are collected in three sections (small group training activities, introduction to personal styles, discussion activities) and are supported by a variety of review sheets, an introductory lecturette and visual aids.

Formula 4 Leadership Training film
A flexible training resource, SymChem, which comes with accompanying materials that allow it to be used wherever a greater understanding is required of the leadership styles and of their appropriateness for different tasks and people.  This builds on the ChemoCorp Training Videos described above.