Leadership Decision Navigator

Leadership Decision Navigator (LDN)

A leader's primary responsibility is to make good decisions based upon sound judgement.  If you as a leader can show consistently good judgement, you will be applauded; if you can't, you will suffer difficulties.  The problem is, it is impossible to make good judgements all of the time (see Tichy and Bennis).  However, effective leaders make a higher percentage of good judgement calls, at times when it counts most. The LDN will specifically help you do just that.

The LDN is a new leadership decision support system like no other. It will allow you to rehearse your day to day leadership decision making ahead of time. You simply think about something that needs to be done with and through your team that you want to achieve in the most efficient, effective and acceptable way. You then answer some key questions in simple yes/no format and, within seconds, the LDN will tell you what leadership style is best to use given the thought process you've used.

An author of a forthcoming manual on military leadership recently told us, ‘Following extensive global search of multiple leadership models, we found that your model conveys the greatest depth of understanding in the least amount of explanation.’  The LDN uses that model to tell you the best-bet way to engage with your reporting colleagues for up and coming leadership decision making situations.

Consider the benefits of being able to think about how to lead most effectively before you go into the room!  Using the LDN to rehearse ahead of time will strengthen your relationship with your team. You'll bring a new consistency, fairness and balance into your relationship with them AND you'll all get things done more efficiently, effectively and acceptably. The beauty of the LDN is that it will allow you to bat things around in your head before you go into the meeting. This will give you a clear explanation that you can communicate to reporting and senior colleagues. Impressively, this will make your leadership decision making more visible, logical and reproducible.

How do we know it works? Well, we have the data to prove it! Our research with large multi-national companies show that the LDN’s logic conforms with how their best leaders lead. Therefore, by preparing for up and coming decisions with the LDN you can be more confident about how you work with and through your team than ever before. You can become a role model to colleagues and introduce them to a way of thinking that is easily teachable and transferable. It's a recipe for success.

Practice and rehearse your day to day and up and coming leadership ‎decision making with the LDN and it will tell you whether to be Directive, Consultative, Consensual or Delegative and the LDN will also refine things for you, so you will know which of the eight sub-styles is optimal, given your thought process. The software will keep your logic in its history so you can later reflect on how things went. You can then go back and rehearse the best style for the next decision in light of the history the LDN keeps.

Look to the future. Be proactive. Be forward thinking in leadership. Start using the LDN and you'll quickly grow in confidence, stature and reputation.

There are three versions of the LDN to choose from:

LDN – Focus which offers you access for one week to tackle a specific issue or test the LDN before committing to an Annual License or Enterprise use.

LDN – Individual Annual License which gives unlimited access for one year.

LDN – Enterprise which allows an organisation to purchase multiple individual annual licenses.

Get ready for the LDN when it becomes available very soon.  Keep an eye on our shop for availability.