Leadership Judgment Indicators

Leadership Judgement Indicators

You can now gain access to the LJI series of tests directly from the authors.  This will give you more choice - more choice of instruments and, very importantly, a greater variety of report options.

There are several versions of the LJI to choose from.  The LJI-2 benchmarks people against a broad leadership population. The other versions of the LJI gauge the test-taker against specific populations of leaders in:

  •     multi-national organisations - G-LJI;
  •     sales - S-LJI;
  •     local government - LG-LJI;
  •     fire and rescue services - FRS-LJI;
  •     schools - E-LJI.

Each version of the LJI describes 17 scored decision making situations. In each one, the test-taker has to adopt the position of leader and rate the appropriateness of four different ways of engaging with reporting colleagues.  After completion, various types of report can be generated that can help unravel how wisely the test-taker has used the four styles and how balanced they are in their use.  This will have implications for the way they maintain and grow the loyalty, motivation and productivity of their team.

The LJIs are situational judgement tests (SJTs), but with a difference! Each of their scenarios populate a coherent model of leadership. This model has been built upon a set of clear principles that should gear and guide a leader's behaviour in decision making situations. As these principles have been used to craft each scnerario in every version of the LJI, the internal consistencies of each test is far stronger than other SJTs. As one international psychometrician recently commented, 'The Alphas are very impressive, especially for this kind of situational method.'

Each of the LJIs is stimulating, interesting and engaging to complete.  Respondents generally need to set about 40 minutes aside to complete each test in a setting where they will not be interrupted.