FRS-LJI Accreditation Training

FRS-LJI Accreditation Training

The FRS-LJI measures how well a leader involves their team in decision making and the manner in which they flex their style when doing so. Based upon the internationally acclaimed Leadership Judgement Indicator (LJI), the FRS-LJI benchmarks how accurately the leader can discern the most appropriate way of engaging with colleagues, as well as the leadership strategies that he or she is likely to employ.

As a powerful psychometric instrument and one which works in a different way to traditional assessment tools, people who administer the FRS-LJI have to be appropriately trained both in how to interpret test taker’s performance and how to feed back the results most effectively.

Formula 4 Leadership provides a bureau service to set up test takers and feedback the results. We must emphasise, however, that in the longer term it is better to become trained yourself. This will allow you to make use of the FRS-LJI as a powerful aid to assessing and developing leaders and incorporate its use most effectively in support of your Service. 

The FRS-LJI has been created by Formula 4 Leadership.  As the creators, we have the longest experience of using LJIs and training others to use them effectively.  Our approach to training and accreditation is both rigorous and enjoyable.  We ensure that there is an understanding of the underlying principles but also of the practical ways to get the best from the instruments, whether they are being used for assessment, development or as part of an organisational development programme.  

After the training is completed we will always be available on the telephone or by email for on-going support.

Accreditation Routes

There are three potential training routes to become accredited. Click on the links below to find out more about the route that suits you.

  1. FRS-LJI Organisational Accreditation is recommended for organisations who have a need to train three or more users and where it is feasible to get the participants together for a one day workshop.
  2. FRS-LJI Accreditation Distance Learning is the more appropriate route for individuals or teams where getting together is not practicable.  
  3. FRS-LJI Accreditation Open Workshop for those who prefer a one day course where you can become accredited alongside people from other Services.