Accreditation Training

Accreditation TrainingAccreditation Training

Benefits of Accreditation Training with us 

This is our specialism.  

There are five LJIs targeted to specific audiences. These have all been created by Formula 4 Leadership and we have the longest experience of using them and training others to use them effectively.  Our approach to training and accreditation is both rigorous and enjoyable.  We ensure that there is an understanding of the underlying principles but also of the practical ways to get the best from the instruments, whether they are being used for assessment, development or as part of an organisational development programme.  

After the training is completed we will always be available on the telephone or by email for on-going support.

Accreditation Routes

There are three potential Accreditation training routes available from Formula 4 Leadership. 

  1. LJI Organisational Accreditation Workshop is recommended for organisations who have a need to train three or more users and where it is feasible to get the participants together for a one day workshop.
  2. LJI Accreditation Distance Learning is the more appropriate route for individuals or teams where getting together is not practicable.  
  3. LJI Accreditation Open Workshop for those who prefer a 1 day course, where you can become accredited alongside others who seek to use the Leadership Judgement Indicators.  The link will take you to a page where you can see the available dates for upcoming workshops.